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June 7 - June 16, 2007 Trip Report & Pics, DAY 5

By: pacia (View Profile)
Date: 8/19/2007

DAY 5 Monday, June 11

We all slept HARD last night. I woke up a bit before everyone else did and
headed over to Ciro's for a golf cart around 8:30. Closed. So I stopped by
Cafe Cito for some coffee, eggs, and OJ on my way back to the hotel. Stefan
was up so we headed back over to Ciro's...we got our golf cart and picked up
Brandon & Amanda (Randall was still feeling "yellow" from yesterday, so he
stayed in for the day).

We were excited about spending the day around the island, and showing Brandon
and Amanda Punta Sur. It was a gorgeous, sunny, hot hot hot day (again)!

We stopped by a mini super and filled our cooler with ice, water, and a six
pack, and made our way down the Caribbean side.

We stopped and took a picture of one of my favorite houses, the Grass House:

...and the Shell House across the street:

We pulled into Punta Sur and made our way through the statues and gorgeous
views on this very clear day:

The strong Caribbean breeze felt great as we explored the path. Needless to
say, Brandon & Amanda were floored. It really is breathtaking:

We walked along the path and looked at the little fish and other curiosities
in the tide pools:

And took advantage of any piece of shade we could find!

We reached the "end of the line" and found a sandy spot in some shade and
figured it was time for a beer (or two!). Me:

Brandon & Stefan:

We made our way back to the stairs, stopping to enjoy the view on the way.
Me, Amanda:

Out of beer and water, it was time to leave and continue our tour of the
island. No one else wanted to drive - they were all scared for some reason,
lol. So, I happily continued being the chauffeur on our way up the West side
to the Turtle Farm.

We were all starving, so we hopped back in the cart and headed to Playa
Lancheros for lunch. We all shared Chips & Guac, Lima Soup and Tix N Xic. Hit
the spot! Brandon & Stefan:

We relaxed under the shade for an hour or so and enjoyed our beers and Pina
Coladas while Master Of Puppets blared over the speakers. Then it was time to
head back home to relax some more!

No, I'm not driving on the wrong side of the road. Amanda took these from the
back of the golf cart. ;)

We showered and napped for an hour or two. Amanda is crazy about stones and
jewelry, so I really wanted to show her the Fire Opal store. I bought my
favorite pair of earrings there a couple years ago, and I always get
compliments when I wear them. So we headed over there but it was closed. We
went back during different times of the day every day for the rest of our
stay, but it was always closed! There was always a sign on the front that
said they would open if you called. Chances are we would have bought
something, but I would have felt bad if we ended up not doing so after they
showed up, so we never called. Maybe it was the time of the year. I'll check
back when I go in April 2008.

We went back home and relaxed for a bit (yes, more it!) on
the balcony until our tummies began to rumble. Stefan and I usually wait
until our last night on Isla to go to Casa O's, but since we had our golf
cart until tomorrow morning, we all decided tonight was a good night for it.

So, around 5:30 or we went!

Me, the ever so thoughtful chauffeur (again!). Actually, I was just thinking
about the lobster bisque. ;)

The walk down to the restaurant's palapa is gorgeous:

...and it smells great, too!

There was no one else there, so we got to choose our table. We soon made
friend with this little guy:

I think this is a calico, and if so, it is a rare one, since this one is most
definitely a boy. Promise. ;)

We ordered Sangria's and appetizers to start with. I think about their
lobster bisque throughout the year. Damn, it's good!

...and we enjoy the view:

We all finally decided on our main courses. When it was time to order, we
were informed that the prices do not include tips. Um, OK. We ordered two
Lobster tails, a shrimp dish, a Kabob, and more drinks.

We figured the waiters had been screwed lately, and let it go. It was a
beautiful evening!

So we ordered a few Mayan Sacrifices after dinner:

...and enjoyed the sunset:

We lucked out! There was a sunset cruise in the bay that was letting off was a gorgeous show:

We were all stuffed, but I HAD to have that chocolate mousse! We had
finished our meals a bit ago, but we hadn't seen our waiter in quite some
time and all of our drinks were empty (our empty plates were taking up some
room for a while, too). So I had to go up to the bar area to order it.
Regardless, the mousse was as good as ever!

Please note that I am very much aware of, and have very much enjoyed, the
relaxed pace here at Casa O's over the past several years, but this, along
with the tip reminding, was a huge turn off. And we still probably

What a difference in service from one year ago. We will skip Casa O's next
year and spend our "fancy dinner" budget somewhere else, that is for sure.

This most certainly did not ruin our day by any means! It was a fabulous,
fun-filled day. There were a few sprinkles during our drive back home. It
felt good. Zzzzzz...

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