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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 2

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/23/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 2

Wednesday February 21

“Let’s Go Fishing!”

Oh, what a wonderful sleep we have. I bound out of bed hoping that I haven’t missed the sunrise. Perfect timing as the sun is just touching the horizon…

It’s 26C with 75% humidity at 6am. I linger on the balcony enjoying the start of our first full day here…

I never get tired of the view from our room. Even though we are right on the edge of centro, the view makes it feel like we are miles from nowhere…

I crawl back under the covers until the alarm goes off at 7am. Vince is up early to get ready for the ‘2007 Cuda Crawl’. It is an annual hand-line fishing tournament. He throws a few things in a bag and then he is off with a kiss and a wave to meet John and Mike at the loncheria for breakfast. I almost squeal with delight….hours and hours to myself…yippee! I mean, you know, it’s just kind of fun to be totally on your own for a little while! I spend some time unpacking and organizing the room, then it’s time for a shower…the usual Roca Mar trickle. Oh well, it still felt good.

Down the stairs with a good morning to Leni, Alex and Vincent, and I’m off to the bank to fill up my wallet with pesos. Excellent rate today at 9.22 for Canadian. Next stop is the Internet to send a few emails and then the Super Express to stock up on essentials for the next 3 weeks. Feeling satisfied with my accomplishments, it’s free time! Off to the Roca Mar pool where I relax in the sun and read. Oops, I think I might have snored a bit too!

Suddenly it’s after 2 and I really should get to Sergio’s to see if the fishermen are back. Sure enough, I arrive just in time. Wow…look at all those fish!

I wonder if Vince caught any? Sure enough, he actually caught 3!

Colin joins in the fun…he didn’t go fishing, but he’s pretending that he caught this big guy!

The fishing guides get together….

Vince’s partners won prizes….John got second place for a 17.5 pound barracuda and Mike won third place at 17 pounds. The winner was 21 pounds!



John, Mike and Vince with their guides…

Some of the other local guides…

It’s time to hit the beach and get a drink….Jean and Rich arrive but Jean has a little trouble getting out of her outfit and Rich lends a hand!...

Drinks are ordered and we all get comfy!...

We have to get ready for the ‘Cuda Dinner’ so we leave the beach before sunset. We do manage to see the sun dip into the sea from the Roca Mar…the end to a perfect day…

We dress in our Cuda crawl shirts and meet Stacy and Colin at Sergio’s Playa Sol….

Prizes and awards are given out….Vince, John and Mike won a prize for having caught the most variety of fish…they caught barracuda and a mackerel….

Door prizes are also handed out…Vince won a colourful bowl that now sits on our counter filled with fruit…

And I won a shot glass…ready and willing to put it to good use!....

Dinner is ready and it is a huge buffet and so delicious!....

An auction follows….Jeri and John hard at work…

Steve and Jeri….wonderful hosts and organizers of the event….thank you for a very fun day and evening!

By 10:30 we are pooped and wander home….we’re going to just sit still and do nothing tomorrow, right honey?

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