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Part 4 Berta's Boating Adventure Boqueron Puerto Rico

By: BertaB (View Profile)
Date: 5/24/2007

Friday 4/27/07

I heard Leo rummaging about and looked at my watch. 4:30 am?!?!?! There is no way I am getting up that early. Thankfully he had a restless night and let us sleep until 7 am.

After breakfast we headed to Customs and Immigration to clear for the next country. We won't be heading to the Dominican Republic just yet as we need to make one more stop in Puerto Rico, but they don't have a place to clear there.

Back at the boat we prepared for departure. Hauling in the lines was easier than getting them on was. I still had butterflies, and it was stifling hot on the bow of the boat as I was tidying up the lines and stowing them away. I then stored the fenders (big balloon type things to keep the boat from being scraped by the dock) and then I stowed the shore power cord.

Leo had us in the channel and wanted to go into the engine room to check on things. I was feeling queezy and really needed to sit down but sent him down to do his thing. He was obviously comfortable with my boat handling skills now. I was beginning to think he got lost down there and was not coming up fast enough. Not that I was in danger of running aground or into another vessel, I was just dripping sweat by the buckets and finding it hard to see.

At last, he came back up and I sat down on the bench and stripped my shirt off. I poured my water over my head and proceeded to slump over. I wasn't quite passed out but darn close. I knew that I was dehydrated and started to get some water in me. Slowly I perked up and kept drinking water and rested. After two hours, a lot of rest and lots of water, I was my usual self again. I must admit, I scared myself and Leo, tho he won't admit it.

The rest of the trip was uneventful for the most part. We had quartering seas (meaning the waves hit the rear quarter of the boat) which if we are lucky give us a push. The LaChelle averages 7.5 knots and with these waves we sometimes got up to 8.5 knots. Trust me when I say that is a speed record for LaChelle. Hours of tedium followed by monotony.
We all spied an object in the sky over mainland Puerto Rico. We tried guessing what it was used for. I figured it was some sort of military monitoring device. As we got closer, I
got out the binoculars and saw that it was a balloon. My guess is weather related. We never did find out what it was by the way. If nothing else it kept us from falling asleep.

Finally we changed from a westerly course to a northerly course. Now we had beam seas of our starboard side. This means the waves hit directly on the right side of the boat.
It can make things uncomfortable if you are not used to it and even more so if you do not have stabilizers on your boat. The boat rocked back and forth a bit more than I am used to
but nothing I couldn't handle. Just have to remember to always keep one hand on the boat so as not to lose balance. After a few more hours Boqueron, Puerto Rico came into view.

As you can see (I hope) from this picture, Boqueron is a very small town. My hubby has been here before and thought I might like it because it reminded him of his trip to Isla Mujeres.
I kept an open mind.
Soon enough we were anchored. I am getting better at this process now. The wind is really blowing and we all are exhausted. We won't be going into town itself until we drop the dinghy, but that won't be until tomorrow. The good thing is we will be anchored here for two nights, so hopefully will get a lot of rest.

Saturday 4/28/07

I wake up chipper and make french toast and fresh fruit for breakfast. I was itching to get the dink lowered and into town. Finally the time came and off we went. First on the agenda
was to find an internet shop to check in at home and get some weather reports and maps. That task was easy to do and finished and it was time for some food. There were lots of
food carts around, but most of them had oysters for sale. I love seafood, but I want my oysters nice and cold. No telling how long those babies were setting out. No Gracias I kept repeating. Finally we found a mom and pop place that reminded me of Alexia and Giovanni's. Yummy food. I had cracked conch and nachos. Oh, I forgot to mention that
the spanish is different than on Isla. I got so confused. Good thing everyone spoke English. As an example, on Isla, stop = alto. On PR stop = pare I finally gave up even trying to figure it out.

Leo and Chris wanted to head back to the LaChelle but I was nowhere near ready to go back. We agreed on a time they would come back and a place we would meet so we could
go out for dinner.

Boqueron is a very small town, but it does have its own zocalo ! LOL funny how I seem to gravitate to those.

Here is a picture of the "yacht club" there. We couldn't have gotten LaChelle anywhere near this place. Come to find out that if you have a yacht, you can bring your dinghy or tender
there and tie up. LOL, had I known that, we could have saved a lot of walking from where we had originally left it.

Here are some condo's with a place to keep your boat. Must be nice! I do love the colors tho.

Soon enough Leo and Chris came back and we went out for dinner. It was a great meal but just after sunset, I got attacked by no see ums. It was time to head back to LaChelle and hoist the dinghy for tomorrows trip.

Of the three PR towns we visited, I still didn't like any of them as much as I do Isla Mujeres. If had to choose, tho, I guess it would be Boqueron.

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