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Alaska Newbies-Day 1

By: ericks5 (View Profile)
Date: 3/19/2007

I want to start off by giving a bit of backround on my hubby and myself... We are both pushing 40; 4 kids (age 16, 13, 12, and 8); hubby works out of town 6-8 weeks on, and 3 off, living in Alaska where we saw record snowfall this fall, and more since the new year; kids in sports, etc... So, so far, we sound like many folks taking the much needed vacation WITHOUT the children! My hubby heard about Isla Mujeres 2 years ago, when we planned our family trip to Cozumel. The most common comment we heard about this quaint little island of Isla was the personal feel and the relaxing atmosphere. Desperate for both, we set for the island...
We live on an island ourselves here in Alaska, bosting only 3500 residents yearround and only 2 jets per day on and off the island-northbound jet & southbound jet.
So, on February 20th, we woke to snow, of course, falling in huge flakes. My first phonecall of the morning was from a friend(no longer) who asked if I was handling NOT being able to leave today! Being the optimist that I am, I set her straight, warned her that the day was young, and that I'd email her from Isla Mujeres.
Now it's a few hours later & the morning jet overheaded! Okay, so now I'm getting nervous, but I'm NOT about to admit it to anyone, especially my hubby whose nervous enough for the both of us. He is now in the kitchen making marguaritas, as he figures that we'll be needing them if the afternoon jet also fails to land!
By some short miracle we make it off the island and overnight in Seattle until our early morning flight the next day for Cancun!
The flight to Cancun was smooth & wonderful & seemed much quicker than the 5 1/2hrs it truly took. We make it through customs rather quickly and we're on our way out the doors of the airport FORGETTING the first thing we'd read online.....The best exchange is at the airport. It was 11.25, but we were in such a hurry to get past the time share guys that we spaced. Please learn from our mistake! :-)
We cart our luggage down to the bus stop, where we pay 35 pesos a piece & climb onto a nicely airconditioned bus & relax for the drive to Puerto Juarez ferry terminal. When we traveled to Cozumel, we took a pre-paid van, but the bus was great & we'll also use the bus our next trip, as well!
We make it onto the ferry as the last two passengers aboard & take our windy seats on the upper bridge. A wonderful senorita sells us 2 Sols & we sip while watching the sun set behind us!
Viva La Mexico!

Once we dock on Isla, we give our bags to a nice gentleman who leads us to Hotel Bucaneros. A handsome young man checks us in & we climb the 10,000 stairs to our 3rd floor room! (later in our trip I videotape climbing these stairs, as they zig & zag & then zig again).
We've now changed into island attire (aka shorts & t-shirt) and make the climb down our stairs & head down the street to Miguel's. We knew this is where we wanted our first meal on Isla after reading the trip report by the BIG GUY when he traveled with his three daughters. we give Miguel the celery salt that we heard he always needs & make our dinner orders. Okay, this is where we made another mistake....Don't order appetizers AND dinner for each unless you are extremely hungry! We ordered a big plate of nachos, and fajitas, ceviche de cameron(shrimp), and marguaritas & we were nearly sick...but with HUGE smiles on our faces! The food was amazing! We sat & people-watched for quite awhile, and even had a group of kids play the drums while 1 of them tossed a fire stick around.
Oh, and the cats! So many cats! They never bothered us, though. I enjoyed watching them time & again & even have a picture of 9 of them all in one shot!
So, this was our first evening on the island & we're already falling quickly in love with it!

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