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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 16

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 8/8/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 16

Wednesday March 7

“Playa del Carmen, here we come!”

A busy day ahead of us and I’m up to start the day at 6….

I have time for a short nap before seeing Jan off at the ferry. Up again just around 7…I head for the ferry while Vince and Rick go to the Loncheria for breakfast….a ham and cheese omelet that they said was ok, but wished that they had gone to M & J’s instead!

I help Jan with her luggage and soon she bumps the suitcase along the dock. Lots of hugs, and tears…both of us looking forward to Feb.19, 2008!!! Safe journey home to Bruce amiga!

Rick and Ingrid finish their packing…they are spending their last 4 nights in Playa del Carmen and we are joining them for a day trip. A few hours in PDC is usually more than enough for me! We’re on the ferry at 9:30 and enjoy the views…happy to know that we’ll be back later!

Remember when the lighthouse used to be the tallest building…

The beach looks inviting….

We arrive on the mainland where Jeromi Transfers is waiting for us. Our driver isn’t too sure where the hotel is…at first he takes us to the Porto Real…I give him some instructions and we finally get there via a few detours. Traffic is crazy!!! Just after 11, we walk up to PDC Hacienda del Caribe. Ingrid and Rick’s room isn’t ready yet, but they stow their luggage while I am entertained by a kitty in the hotel fountain.

We decide to meet later at the Blue Parrot, so Vince and I head straight for our usual shop…Joe Natural. We’ve been going to Joe Natural since 2000, but have never been lucky enough to actually meet ‘Joe’. It’s our lucky day! Joe is happy to meet his loyal customers…the girl there tells him that we have been coming twice a year for years!

He’s a very fun guy and happily poses with his goods….

Vince and I don’t leave empty handed….Vince get a new wristlet for himself and our son Jason, while I get a new anklet. While they are being resized, Ingrid and Rick arrive and get some leather goods too. Now that we’re all decked out, it’s time to head to the beach.

We walk a short block down to the Blue Parrot and the water comes into view…ahhh….

The beach is busy and filled with loungers….

We decide to walk north on the beach…coming across these pelicans looking for a handout….

As we’re walking along the sand we see a familiar face…Edwin! A waiter that we have known for many years from the Blue Parrot. He’s working nearby at the Coco Maya now and tells us that we must come for happy hour. We happily agree, but first take a short walk just past the Porto Real. The beach is jam packed in this area….lots of loud, thumping music too….visions of a serene Playa Norte fill my head and I smile, knowing that I’ll be ‘home’ soon. In the meantime, we’re thirsty! Back to Coco Maya where Edwin is waiting for us. He quickly brings us drinks and snacks….

Edwin 2007…

Edwin and I at the Blue Parrot in 2002…

And in 2003….

It was great to see Edwin again and so happy that we ‘bumped’ into him. If you see him at Coco Maya, say hola! Service was great and the guacamole was very good…

Clouds are moving in and just as we are finishing, there are a few rain drops.

A hug goodbye to Edwin and we make our way back to 5th Avenue.

We stop in at Starbucks….they have Peach Tazo Tea!!! I’m so happy! We buy several bottles as well as some chocolate croissants. A quick stop at the big store across from the bus depot…we find La Pinta for $252 MXP….I can just taste those pomegranate margs now! We’ve had our fill of PDC, so with hugs adios to Ingrid and Rick, we wish them a fun time and board the bus at 3:45.

It’s very cold on the bus with the a/c blasting and it begins to rain. Lots of traffic in Cancun and we finally pull into the bus station at 6:20. Oh no…..the ferry leaves in 10 minutes, we’ll never make it! We run for a taxi, hop in and ‘rapido, por favor’. He is the BEST taxi driver! He’s going 90km/h in a 50 zone! Yikes! We make it to the ferry at 6:27….has to be some kind of record! Big gracias and big tip for you señor!

We arrive on Isla with a sigh of relief….oh, it’s so good to be home! There are a few puddles around from a recent brief shower. We head straight for Roca Mar, where we warm up and change while nibbling on the Starbuck’s treats. Time for some real food as we haven’t done much but snack today….Angelo’s fits the bill. We share a fresh salad and pizza. Beer and water…total of $230MPX including tip. Tummies are happily full, but we may just be able to make room for ice cream.

We see Darcy and her mom and sister at the gelato shop on Hidalgo. Vince has a lime and strawberry, while I have my usual, banana and chocolate. The ice cream is delish and the fellow working there is pretty good looking too!

We walk home under the stars enjoying the peace and quiet…..I love this little island…..

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