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Part 7 Somewhere near the Bahamas

By: BertaB (View Profile)
Date: 5/30/2007

I'll start you off on a few of the sunset photos that I took before our night run to the Bahama's from the Turks and Caicos.




We were on an all night run from Provo in the Turks and Caicos to Rum Cay, the first stop in the Bahama's for us.

I felt much better today than I did the day before. Never again will I mix beer and tummy just can't handle that much excitement.

The entrance to Rum Cay is very tricky. It was a very narrow channel and it was marked with buoys, but the weather was not cooperating with us. It was very cloudy and about to rain, this made it difficult to spot the markers. For those of you that don't know what buoys are for, they mark a channel where it is safe to run your boat thru. There are hazards on either side of the channel such as shallow water or coral heads or sunken planes, ships etc. All nasty things to run into with ones boat.

We edged and snaked our way thru and backed into our slip for the night.

Here is a picture of the entrance into the marina. You might be able to pick out the deep water and you can definately see the storm that we had just missed.

This was the view from the front of LaChelle.

Pretty little spit of beach isn't it ? Only problem is............

Granted it is only a nurse shark and usually pretty harmless. This one however was about 8-10 feet long and was only one of a dozen that hung around the boats. The locals wouldn't take chances with those things, so neither would I. They say (the locals) that they have gotten so used to fishermen dropping scraps in for them, they are not that docile anymore. If the locals don't trust them, neither do I !!!

A walk down the dock brings me to the Nut House. I have officially arrived. LOL

A bit more of a walk and I discover these cute little cottages.

The cottages are located on this bay.

Sorry folks, while it looks like a nice place to is !!!
The cottages are local folks homes and there is one restaurant for marina guests and an airstrip for supply planes, but that is it. Isla it isn't. The only way to get there and stay there is by private boat.

As I was waiting for Leo and Chris to get ready to go to the restaurant for dinner, I was sitting on the dock at the Nut House and this fearless creature walked up to me.

Birds eye view

Those last two pics were not zoomed in. That bird was just a tad too friendly.
I think it was the shiny camera that attracted it. It literally started to grab it with its beak. Thankfully I have birds as pets and can guess what they are going to do next and was able to move the camera just in time. The silly thing followed me down the dock. Finally the local cats decided they needed their fair share of attention and the bird flew away.

Off to get some dinner and into bed early. Another early morning departure.
We have to leave at high tide so we can make sure we have plenty of depth beneath us on the way out of Rum Cay. Next stop....Georgetown !

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