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Day 2-December 26th

By: Estrela (View Profile)
Date: 1/12/2007

So last night we had arranged for 4 golf carts to pick up today. My dad got 4 of them, from 10-5, for $45. I was worried that we'd get the junky slow ones, but that wasn't the case! After getting snacks at the grocery store and soem fresh orange juice from the market we got our carts. The day was warm, but overcast. Turns out we were a little chilly riding around the south end. But we knew it was a good day to tour the island when the sun wasn't beating down on us. 5 people in our group hadn't been to Isla before so our main goal was to give them an overview of the island. We tootled around and our kids thought it was SUPER cool! The first stop was to get fresh coconut juice (right before Playa Lancheros). Some of us bought some shells. They had really cool conch windchimes at this little stand. Next was the turtle farm. our 4 1/2 LOVED it of course. I will try to post pictures later because I have a super cute pic of our baby Maya sound asleep at the turtle farm on the back of a golf cart. Just zonked... My dad was sitting right next to her of course, but she slept like that for over an hour! The turtles are always fun to see-especially the babies. There were soem enormous turtles in the pools outside. Next we turned around to swing through Playa Lancheros. The sun was out and it felt nice. We hadn't planned to eat there just yet, but it was 11am and we were hungry so we decided to stay! We got a huge chunk of fish for the 10 of us to eat. It was SO delicious. If only I could find a place like that in Minnesota! :) We watched a game of coconut bocce ball(at least that's what it looked like!) Next we headed off towards the south end. It sprinkled a little. Stopped by Garaffon and the water wasn't very pretty due to the dark clouds and lots of wind. We went to the "ruins" and I was surprised to see that big bar there! It started to downpour after a few minutes so we didnt' stay to walk all the way to the end. On the East side of the issland we took pics of the shell house and of course saw the "shanty town" amounst the very expensive homes. I felt really sad to see these homes flaunted next to poverty like this. We made a point of driving through the middle of the island to explain to our son how many people in this world live. He was glad to see where his donations might be going. Over the summer he had a birthday party and, instead of having his friends bring gifts, he collected 45 pairs of shoes. He was VERY proud of that. So we spent the rest of the day time tootling around town and checking things out.
Before dinner we brought our carts back. We had planned on going to Sergios for drinks before dinner. Our son was excited to get a virgin banana colada. So we packed the kids in the double stroller along with sweatshirts for later and we headed to Sergios. Only when our son saw the playground on the beach-a little bit before Sergios-he wanted to play. He really needed to get some energy out so of course we decided to stop. It was about had just got dark. We parked our stroller along the wall facing Nautibeach. We took off our sandals and spread them around on the ground. For a second I wondered if we should fold the thing up and drag it with us, btu it was really tough in the sand so we left it. After all, the play area was within view of the stroller. So off we went. The kids had a BLAST. Then I saw 3 workers (I dont' knwo what business, but I know they were workers because they were all wearing the same shirt). The looked at us and took off running while shouting things in Spanish. Of course hindsight is 20/20, but at the time I thought nothing of it. This was only our 2nd day on Isla, but I was SO beat!!!! After about 20 minutes of the kids playing we decided it was time to eat. I was in a negative mood and I was hoping that food would help. We walked back to our stroller and my stomach DROPPED.......NO F%^@*$ stroller!!! They had rounded up all our shoes and took those too!!!! I felt so betrayed because to steal a baby stroller is pretty darn low. I almost burst into tears!! The stroller was our ticket to enjoying our vacation much MUCH more. My husband ran over to Jax to ask if anyone had seen anythign and no one did-they were busy eating and drinking. I asked a couple sitting outside at Color De Verano if they had seen anything go down. I was in tears and they just said, "oh". It felt much worse not having anyone to be on our side to help or to just say, "I'm sorry this happened to you". So after that we went back to our hotel. We had to carry the kids because they had no shoes and we worried that they would step on glass or something else sharp. I was SO mad and hurt that I coudln't even talk. Our wise-beyond-his-years little boy chimed in, "Well, maybe since the hurricaine happened some people need more money. So maybe whoever took our stroller, shoes, and sweatshirts really needed them. Or they really needed food so they have to sell our stuff so they can feed our kids". That made me feel better...just hearing my son's take on the whole thing. Even though I was in a horrible mood I vowed to not let it ruin my vacation...if not for me, then for my kids and husband. We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on our balcony. Our 4 year odl fell fast asleep, but Maya required a long walk to the square at 11pm. with Daddy. We needed our rest because we had to take the 6:30am ferry for Chichen Itza the next morning!!

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