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December 4th-18th continued

By: Islalover (View Profile)
Date: 12/27/2002

I'm not really going to do a day by day just a overview of our experience. This was my 3rd trip within the year and my husband's first so we had different perspectives of course. The week while he was there it rained most everyday sometimes all day or sometimes just morning or afternoon showers but because his time was limited he found this to be frustrating of course. The times we could we spent on the beach. I had always told him how wonderful the restaurants were and he quickly came to that same decision he will say now...I miss that food on Isla. :o) I did go into the bookstore had some nice conversations with G. Went to the coffeehouse was able to meet Inlander which was a treat to have a face!! We this time looked at several other hotels downtown for future reference. One of the best things that I did was going to the Red Cross. The group of us brought clothing, medical supplies to Dr. Greta it was a treat to meet this wonderful woman. Of course we took a caravan of golf carts there were 3 of them and it was just misting which was not a big deal..we saw a dog go into a store and steal a whole (uncooked) chicken which was sooooooooo funny we referred to it as "the robbery". But then the rain just came in a downpour with a lovely breeze that was sometimes a gust of you have that little top on the golfcart but let me just say this it does not protect you from the rain. :o) There was not a dry spot on any of us. We laughed and yelled and just had a good time even in the rain. Of course the things were needed and it was a wonderful to help such a cause. I always visit Hortensia while there to purchase a dress and several other things. My husband found a nice pair of shorts that he really like so she has yet another satisfied customer. We shopped in the little mercado behind Alexis & Givovanni's resturant which is one of our favorite places to eat. Had to buy an umbrella and it's the neatest thing it has plastic over it to pool the water and then you drain it out!!! We bought some great shoes, shopping bags, we did most of our purchasing of things there. To be continued...

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