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The Valentines Day nightmare

By: marylaw (View Profile)
Date: 3/11/2007

We are scheduled to fly out of Boston's Logan airport tommorrow at 5:30 am. We are expecting a storm. I am traveling with my husband Chuck, my son, Ryan and our friends Kevin , Lynn and thier son Joe. We plan as we always do to stay in Boston overnight and do the park and fly. We can get a shuttle to and from the airport and park for up to 2 weeks free and only $5 a day after 2 weeks. $119 for the night. It's a great deal. Our friend who happens to be a pilot ("I fly aircraft")seems to think we will not make our connecting flight in Phillie, after much chinese water torture I say , "lets do it your way" I'm going on vacation and am trying to keep the peace. So I leave work early, Chuck scoots home and Lynn goes to get the boys out of school , throw our stuff in the car and go to Boston. We cancel one of the rooms in Boston and take the shuttle to the airport. Fly to Phillie and stay at a Holiday Inn- it was lovely. LOL It's sleeting and our flight is of course late as I would have expected since we basically flew into the storm. ("I fly aircraft") Well we finally board and strangely enough, the guy next to us just flew in from Boston on the flight we would have been on. HHHMMMMM !! But I am still not right. Did I mention my friend is a pilot, ("I fly aircraft") "If our flight wasn't late then the Boston flight would have missed this connection" I can see there is no way he will admit that it wouldn't have mattered if we just stuck with the original plan and let the airlines do their job. It's not worth it. I am going to be in paradise in just 4 hours. We won't be arriving at 10:35 like we planned but it should be close. Within a couple of hours anyway. We sit on the runway and wait and wait and wait. I call my friend and ask her to email bestday and let them know that I have no idea when we will arrive. I know it will be today since we are told we are next in line to be de-iced. It's nearing MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY!! They won't give anyone water or soda, they keep telling people to stay in their seats, babies crying, kids kicking seats, toilet is clogged and they finally lock the door but don't put an out of order sign on it so every person that came up to the bathroom would stand there and wait, thinking someone was inside. I would finally wave to them and say, "it's out of order" We are being de-iced the air is shut off, I am sweating and can't breath. It's been almost 3 hours. We take off after sitting there for just over 4 hours. We land, get through immigration, no problem. Chuck is standing by gathering our luggage and I notice a woman that was on our flight opens one of her bags and everything is soaking wet. Oh dear God please let it just be her. We get all our stuff and everything is dry. Of course customs stops us when they see we have a cooler. The woman was real nice and we got everything through. She said she thought she should keep some of it cause it looked so good. She says she'll be on Isla on Saturday and I say come to the house for a cocktail and we'll have some of theses goodies. We laugh and say goodbye. Outside to get our bestday van. That did not go well either. He seemed to be very confused and kept putting peple on vans ahead of us that were behind us. I've got you know who breathing down my back telling me he's going to be very surprised at me if I don't get this situation straightened out. Oh God, make it go away! Note to self, Never travel with a pilot. I finally put my foot down and said, "the next van is ours" We zoom through Cancun and on to Gran Puerto. We can see the familiar sight of the ferry coming across the water. It's 6pm. What a long day. We grab some cervesas and a margarita and we are on our way. The sun has set as we make our way to Isla.

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Joe and Ryan
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A sigh of relief comes over me when we arrive at Casa Mimosa. I see Tony running up to the gate as he tries to lock it, we all laugh, lots of hugs and kisses I can't beleive we are finally here. Mim has been checking our flight all day. Gaspar carries our stuff to our room and I throw on a suit and hop into the pool. Tony has an ice cold pinot grigio waiting for me.
It's a full house. 14 people. We meet Freddie( Tony's buddy from college) and his wife Lauma. Thier son Jason and his wife Lisanne and Kelly and Susan who live on the Cape and have met several times. We have a couple of drinks and order pizza. I pass out some yummy chocolates that I carted down here and we play a Valentines trivia game. Freddie and Kevin win, they get 2 scratch tickets, didn't win anything. Early to bed for me I am exhausted. Paradise will be here when I wake up. Chuck has got a good slur going, I hope he comes to bed soon , he and Ryan are diving tommorow. Ryan will be getting certified. He is so excited!!

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