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"YOU'VE GOT BUZON" OR IS THAT BURGEE?? days 11, 12 and 13

By: marylaw (View Profile)
Date: 4/14/2007

It's Saturday, the sun is shining and it's a perfect temp. The people we met the night before at Rolandi's stop by and while Tony was giving them a tour he had one of those tummy attacks that I'm sure we have all suffered from. We are all laughing at the way Tony describes this attack. We decide to use our code word and call it "Burgee" from now on. Of course every one of us has burgee at one point in the vaca. and all you have to do is look at someone and they can tell by the face, Burgee? YUP!

We lay low today, read and play games. I brought a trivia that I made up and had scratch tickets for prizes.

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One of the questions on it was , What is Gasper's last name? Well my husband thought he definitely had it cause this is what was on the mailbox right?
Chuck was thinking it made sense even though it's on alot of the mailboxs. He thought that Gaspar had alot of relatives. Well as you know buzon just means "mail". The funny thing was 2 of our friends copied his answer.

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Had baked stuffed quahogs for an appetizer and then chicken parm for dinner. We played trivial pursuit after that. I SUCK at that game. It was fun though.

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It's Sunday, Chuck and I go into town early and do a little shopping. I picked up some colorful bowls to take home and we picked up pork chops for dinner. Stopped by Aqua Adventures to pick up Ryan's dvd and make sure they changed his gender back to male LOL.
Went back to the house and took a walk with Tony and Mim down along the beach. We bumped into Evelyn in front of Su Casa . We met a few years ago. She's a friend of Miriams and she's from NY. She used to come over and use the pool and she gave us water aerobics classes.

Went down to Sergio's for sunset and met Jean and Rich. We had never been there for sunset before, it was pretty cool. Everyone lines up as if they are watching a show and when the sun goes down, everyone claps.

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We left to got to the Posada for a cocktail and had Rich's favorite. Miami Vice! Oh baby, that is good! It's like eating a sundae. Wish I had one of those right now.

Monday. We are up at 5:30 this am, the earliest so far. It's Gary's birthday so Chuck started tile rummy with him at 7am. It's sunny and windy today but quite warm. I'm sitting here under the palapa looking out at the water. Some days the colors are just so striking. I love it here, it's so peaceful.

It ends up being vistors day. A neighbor of Brooke and Paul's stops by who happens to be a chiropractor so he gives Chuck an adjustment on his back and neck. He feels better. Then Brooke and Paul pop over with their 2 guests. Then a friend of Tony's who Chuck had sent a BIG lobster to for Tony once so he invites the guys out to go fishing. He's got a 74 foot Viking. Not too shabby ! I think they're going out tomm. weather permitting. We had some snacks and cocktails and a few laughs. A little while later I saw a guy on the beach looking at the house, it looked like Vince of Vince and Doris. We met them at Sergio's with Jean and Rich. I yelled down and it was him, so he came up with his Buddy. They went to get Doris as they were next door at Zama. Jean stopped over too and a whole crew of other people, we did a tour and chatted for a bit. I asked Doris if she could help me with posting pics when I get home. I got her email and figured I'm really gonna need help but luckily when I got home someone had posted very specific intructions so Thank you anyway Doris.

We whipped up some blt's for lunch then headed next door to visit with the rest of the board crew . What a nice bunch of people.
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It's been another great day. Stroll along Hidalgo and see Brooke and Paul at Amigo's they're doing the salt crusted fish, what a production. That's going on the list for next time. See Jean and Rich too having dinner. We go to Picu's for our dinner.

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Had that yummy snapper.

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Stopped at OM for a nightcap and watched that surfing video. I never really paid much attention to it before but it was really cool. Headed home and Gary and Chuck end the evening with 2 more birthday tile rummy games.

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