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First time-Day Three 03/02/07

Date: 3/16/2007

Up again before sunrise (again!). So cool...gotta get up early so we can...RELAX. Coffee on the deck and another Caribbean sunrise. Stayed on the deck reading until it was time to drive into town for breakfast on el carro de golf. We waited til 8 so we could go to Pinguino's.

Good tostada carne and huevos yucateco, but stale white toast. No matter, a great view and friendly service. Waited long enough to head down to Punta Sur when it would be open. Went through Colonia, waving and smiling. Such nice people.

Got to Punta Sur and climbed the lighthouse. Wow...what a view. Now the art...not too sure?? We paid the admission, 25 pesos each (I think) and headed down to the ruins. The stone path that wound down to the water was inviting, so we followed it all the way down, then up the west side of the island. Found a really great spot, right on the water with a palapa and great chairs. Sat there for maybe 30 minutes, just soaking it in, when a guy comes by and said our wristbands didn't allow entry. We knew as we had been walking the path that we were getting close to Garrafon Park. We didn't know we were IN it. The guy was nice enough and said we could stay for a few more minutes. All in all, a very nice time at Punta Sur.

Headed up the west side of the Island and got to Playa Lancheros, just in time for lunch. Enjoyed great gauc, salsa, quesadillas and tic n xic. We only ordered one of each and it was a TON of food. Two funny things. One...I consulted my phrase book and figure out how to ask if we could take all the leftovers in a box. After I probably butchered the saying, the waiter said, "Oh, you want doggie bahg?!?" Two...somehow I miscalculated what the tip should be and told the guy to only give me back 50 pesos from what I gave him. He looked very happy and said gracias. As the guy left the table my wife started laughing and asked why I tipped 50%. When I realized what I'd done, I laughed, too. He was a much older man and I figured he'd use it buy gifts for his grandkids.

Headed back to Casa Ixchel and spent the afternoon on the deck. Then headed into town to walk around and really check out the shops. Didn't buy anything, but enjoyed the window shopping and saying "No gracias" a million times. No pressure, the shopkeepers are just asking, you know.

Headed back to the room about 7. Sat on the deck and, a little while latter, heated up our left over quesadillas and ate them with the leftover guac, salsa and chips. Yum. Early to bed again...Isla was getting in our blood and working its way to our hearts.

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