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Thursday, March 29 Day 1

By: Cindy in NC (View Profile)
Date: 4/19/2007

:D Thursday, March 29
Lauren and I were both so excited about going to Isla that neither one of us went to sleep last night. We are both night owls anyway and we had to be at the airport by 4am. It was a nasty rainy morning in Greensboro when we left. For those of you who don't know I have had 3 knee surgeries due to a snow ski accident back in 1977, the last of which was a total knee replacement. For some they recover quite well, however, for me, I have so much scar tissue in there that even with the replacement it is still a mess. It is better but not all that great for a lot of walking. ANYWAY, so, I took advantage at the airport and got a wheel chair. Best thing I ever did! We went through Dallas & had to change concourses, now that can be a long walk but we were whisked away in a golf cart type thing. It only took 3 or 4 minutes to go from concourse B to concourse D. And the best part was at the Cancun Airport! Someone picked me up at the gate with a wheel chair, took me straight to a special line, no waiting!!! How awesome is that! We have waited in line before for over an hour. Then the guy takes us to the luggage carousel and gets all our luggage on a big cart and whisked away in another short line with only one family in front of us and we got a green light! I swear we were off the plane and out the front door, into the Best Day van in less than 30 minutes. It was fantastic! They had another family of 4 from Ohio that was also going to the Ultramar and we were on our way. The ferry was getting ready to leave when we arrived so we quickly bought our tickets and boarded. We met the nicest man on the ferry....he was selling CDs of Isla Mujeres. Lauren was translating for me because he was doing this in Spanish. Most people on the boat were Mexican, I am sure that was because their holiday was starting as well. Anyway, the guy was really funny, at the end of his little speil he said "so, because there will be so many of you that will want one, start forming the line here and go back that way to get one!" LOL! I don't think anyone was even paying attention to anything he had said. He stood there for a minute and looked around and when no one looked like they were even remotely interested he come and sat by us. He and Lauren visited in Spanish and he made her laugh. We get off the ferry and haul our outrageous amount of luggage to the shade and Lauren waits while I run across the street to the bank. I take care of our money conversion and we go next door with our 8 bags! Well, only 4 were really big, the other 4 were carry-ons. But the 4 big ones definitely weighed 50 lbs each. We got a cab for 50 pesos. When he looked over and saw Lauren with all the should have seen the look on his face! We had the 4 big ones and I had a roll on and back pack and Lauren had laptop and a beach bag stuffed full of stuff. He could only get 2 big bags in the trunk, the rest rode in the front with us. We looked like sardines, smashed up against the windows! Amy said later that she wished she had seen us get out of the cab, this was not our first stay at Punta Piedra and she knows how I pack. I had brought 3 king size pillows and a mattress pad with me this time. We arrived at Punta Piedra at 12:30 pm. Our flight had landed at 11:10! Unbelievable! Ah, our gorgeous view from our back porch:

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Well, we are both exhausted and hungry! I am solid sweat by now, I have a hard time with the humidity here. I grew up in New Mexico with zero humidity! We decided to try Mayan Grille so we catch a cab and the guy has no idea where I am talking about (I was really looking forward to eating in A/C at this point). So I said just take us to Poc-Chuc. I wasn't sure I could find the Mayan Grille then I wondered if it would even be open this early. I ordered a pork torta for $20pesos, Lauren had the Poc-Chuc which consisted of 2 huge, thin slices of pork with beans, rice & tortillas for $45pesos and we got an order of guacamole & chips for $35pesos, and each had a can of soda for $10 pesos each. It was all very good and the waitress was very nice. Of course Lauren spoke to her in Spanish. Lauren took this absolute goofy picture of me at Poc-Chuc and she said you won't put this in your trip report Mom. I can't believe I am going to post it but here it is:
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We were still tired but I wanted to get my hair done so I wouldn't have to worry with it. I always wear my hair in braids on IM otherwise it would be plastered to my face the whole time. So, we went to the shop across the street from Poc Chuc and the guy ended up going and getting a lady from her home to do my hair. She wanted $250pesos but I had my own beads and with a little negotiation I got it done all over my head for $150pesos. She did a great job! The braids were very tight and held well for our entire stay. Here are a couple of pictures looking down the street toward Hidalgo:

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We were beat so we headed back to Punta Piedra II and I fell asleep and Lauren went out on the rock in front to draw:

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She came in and woke me up around 6pm and I said let me sleep a little more. She was hungry so she fixed something from the food we brought with us and I eventually did the same. Then we sat out on the beach under the stars in the moonlight and talked and laughed until we were ready for bed. Lauren fell right to sleep but I stayed up and read for a while. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day in paradise!

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