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2nd Isla Trip-2 Texans-March 23rd

By: Ninnie (View Profile)
Date: 3/31/2007

March 23rd

Slept in and felt great! At home, we are not late sleepers so this is a real treat. We are both hungry so we decide on Cazuela M & J. We both loved this little place last year. We head out of our hotel and start walking up through town. It is all coming back--this all looks so familiar, like we were just here! The warmth of the people, the smell of great food, the ocean breeze and the sound of the ocean. How does it get any better? Food was great, but the view is the best. Can't go wrong with breakfast here! We stuff ourselves and decide to walk around a bit. We soak up the sun and the sites.

This day was our slow day--we didn't do much (another great thing about Isla!). We just wanted to relax and hang out and listen to the ocean. I sat on the balcony for a couple of hours and read. Hubby had decided to go down to Buho's and set up an anniversary dinner for me on the beach. What a nice surprise! We showered and headed down to Buho's around 5:30. They set up a private table out in the sand just for the 2 of us. Eloy (spelling?), our waiter did a great job of taking care of us. I got some great sunset shots and dinner was nice.

By time dinner was over, we were both a bit buzzed from all of the beer so we decide to continue the party and start to head into town. We made it as far as the popcorn guy and saw our hippy friends from the night before. We walk with them into town and sit on the curb on Hidalgo and drink beer and people watch. 2 more "hippy kids" join in and our party got larger. One kid was from the Netherlands traveling by himself. My hubby found this very interesting and asked him plenty of questions! We keep buying six packs and continue to hang with our new friends. Romeo (guy we met the first night) has his banjo and tells us this is how he makes spare change. He strums a few tunes and quite a few tourists stop to listen! We decide to take our party to the beach and buy more beer. We head to Romeo's living room--a.k.a the beach. Once there we just drink beer and trade stories, and watch the moon light play off the ocean. After many beers and many stories, we say adios to Romeo and his buds sure we will see them again while we are here. Hubby and I walk back to our hotel and crash for the night.

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