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Day 2 in Paradise

By: Sawdust (View Profile)
Date: 2/26/2007

After the first day anything has to be an improvment. Oh one more small item about day 1,After telling Bill & Roni
(my brother-in law & his wife) that there are so many great places to eat on Isla,I would NEVER EVER eat at Avalon. It was pouring rain that first nite so we were forced to eat at the Avalon or go hungry....When there is no other choice,Avalon food is not so bad,Choke choke.
Sunday morning is here and the sun is shining and we are out the door just after I made some coffee in our little kitchen. Being Catholic and just knowing Father Tom back in Bloomington is watching me...we of course go to Mass. Even though I understand little or no Spanish I new this would make no difference to Father Tom as he speaks fluent Spanish. After Mass it is about 11:00 AM and I for the third year in a row am off to find that sneaky Rib Guy. I should explain....The first year I went to Isla after reading the board for two months before going. I just knew I had to have those ribs. But as I have trouble finding my way around the block. That first year I didn't find him. Ah but the second year I was ready for those Ribs with a vengence. Would'nt you know this time it was a holiday. There was a parade and everything. With all the children dressed in there uniforms and a band playing etc. But still no Ribs as he only does them on Sundays. So this year I was determind to get them Ribs. On the way to the Rib Guy I went by Angel's shop # 13 on Hidalgo. As luck would have it he was there and I told him to come with us and get some ribs. So the 5 of us go to where the smoke is rolling out and the smell was out of this world. Bill and I each got a full pound of Ribs and we all head back to Angels shop. Now my wife Kay, is vegitarian. Her idea of meat is funny food like Soy products and Tofu etc. But she does like salads and most every thing else. As luck would have it there was plenty of salad and tortias along with some beans. Angel set up a table and his brother Roger russeled up some chairs. We all fit in the shop and had a great meal. We also fixed up a plate and sent it down to Candy (Angels Wife) she has a shop a couple of doors down. I looked at my watch and found it was Sol time so Angel and I went down the street to a small store and got some Sol. We had to open them all at the store as poor Angel has no Opener. Next year I must bring him one.
I had made him a large wooden bowl of oak as a gift.I think I will turn a nice handle for his new bottle opener. at this point Roni wants to get her hair braided. So her and Angel disappear for a while and when she returns she looks like she belongs in a native hut some where. But it looks good anyway. Now we are off to Jax for some Salsa & chips and a bucket of beer. I had made a covered box for Jackie and wanted to give it to her.It was working perfectly until we got off Noas Ark. Now the moister was making it hard to get the cover off the box. But she was very gracious and thanked me any way. Bill & Roni are not in as good of condition as Kay and I are as far as walking much. We have 3 dogs and walk even when we don't want to. So I thought as long as we were at Jax we were close to the Cemetary..... Why not,If you have never seen a cemetary like this it would be exciting for them. Of course if they were so tired they couldn't continue on what better place to leave them both. We get free drinks from 9 am to 5 pm at Avalon so we head in that direction. Bill is tired and he takes a nap,at least thats what he told us he was doing. We had stoped at the Express grocery and got two large loafs of bread to make toast with in the morning. Any way time flies by and it starts to get dark. Now I am all set to head down to Hidalgo and find supper. We open the door and Yup you guessed it RAIN. But hey this is our vacation and we are going to make the best of it. This does not include eating another meal at Avalon. We have some beans & salad left from the ribs and we bought those two large loafs of bread and I even brought with me from home some peanut butter & jelly for toast. Bill & Roni Join us in our Villa (conecting doors ) for a picnic. I always carry a large fish filet knife for slicing bread. But as I start slicing the bread ....To my surprise it was not just bread. It was a meat and cheeze filled loaf. So three of us enjoyed the sandwiches and Kay had salad and after removing the meat she had a cheeze sandwich. Life is good and who says it doesn't pay to go to mass. Day three will follow soon. Ok so I am long want an honest trip report or not?

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