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Day One

By: sungrl (View Profile)
Date: 11/11/2007

I had hinted at a trip to isla for our B-Days to Donnie (mine the 13th, his the 14th) and he was "mildly interested" until NancyMac e-mailed us encouraging the trip and wrote "Donnie is one of the funniest people I have met in my life". After I read that to him, he was set to go! (Thanks Nancy!) We left out of Mpls Sunday and as we were waiting departure on the tarmac...across the isle someone asks "Are you Sungrl?" It was Kristin and her husband Dave. The flight was uneventful and customs went fast (even thou we hit the red light). We did not have to wait for luggage as we had packed only carry ons so we were off to catch the bus. Donnie wanted to take a taxi, but at $56.00 he decided he could handle the bus. We only had to wait 5 minutes and we were off! We caught a taxi and made it to the port in time to run down and catch the ferry seconds before pulling out (the 3:30) From touchdown at the airport to arrival at the port = 1 hour! I did not even have time for my traditional Sol at the port! Met a nice couple on the ferry (Jennifer and Ben) and told them a "must have" is Laura's Map. We ran into them the next day, and they had the map with them and were very happy with it…who isn’t?
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It was windy (as always) on top, but loving it.
We did not have a room booked and thought we would try the top floor of Donnie’s favorite place...thought we had it, paid for it and brought our bags up to the fifth floor and realized my Spanish still needs some brushing up on and the room was taken. Moved onto our 2nd choice, Almendros and checked in. I love the place so it did not matter to me. Actually if I am on Isla….anyplace is great! Made it down to BuHos and had several, met "Tequila Shelia". There was a wedding going on near the beach, beautiful to watch. We then headed over to the Sunset Grill for a couple more and met Kathy and Chris (Canadian couple also staying at the Almendros) Donnie "found" or was "found" by Trina who was making her way back to the beach she joined us with her husband Trent.
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Chris, Trent, Trina and Donnie
Found out that Trina and I shared the same B-day and although she is two years older, looked 10 years younger...I have to start using sunscreen on my face! LOL. Decided to head down to Miguel’s for a little dinner and some "dirty monkeys". Chris and Kathy joined us, Trina wanted to, her heart was willing, but her legs were not! After Miguels we were of to OM, had a few and then decided it was time to head for home, or at least Kathy and I thought so, the guys stayed out till ??????. I made a trip down to the supermarket for a big bottle of water and a large diet coke….both a “must have” for morning.

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