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Isla Mujeres 2007 ~ Day 3

By: Doreese (View Profile)
Date: 4/24/2007

Isla Mujeres February 2007

Day 3

Thursday February 22

“Sun, Fun and ‘Matrix Time’!”

I’m up with Mr.Sun once again…..ahhhh…it’s going to be a beautiful day!...

I even get Vince up for this one!....

As gorgeous as the day is, we crawl back into bed for a bit more sleep. By 8:30 I’m wide awake and it’s time to get moving. We seem to be moving incredibly slow but we finally get our toes planted in the sand at Playa Norte…..that first glimpse of blue is just delicious!

Oh, it’s so good to be back here and taking in this view…

Even though Playa Norte is a little smaller than last year, it is still beautiful and there is plenty of room for everyone. Over the next few weeks, the beach in this area would grow even larger, but it is constantly changing…

We sizzle, snooze and swim for most of the afternoon….it’s the perfect day!

At 32C and 51% humidity, in the water is the best place to be!...

In the afternoon, we see plumes of black smoke from the mainland…not sure what was on fire.

We make our way to Sergio’s Playa Sol later in the afternoon and find lots of amigos lounging away…

Jean and Rich…


Shooter and April…

Stacy and Colin arrive just in time for sunset and since it’s happy hour, it’s time for Banana Mango daiquiris….soo good! The sunset is just as amazing as the sunrise….

We happily sip away on our drinks while watching the display and…no more happy hours for me! I’m going to blame it on drinking on an empty tummy….Colin says ‘Doris, is that a new cover-up dress…because it didn’t look like that yesterday?’…..Hmmm….seems that I had trouble dressing myself and put my dress on backwards! Ooops! Hey, at least I gave them a laugh! Have another drink girl!

We stumble, um, walk back to our room, where we are happy to find towel critters on our bed! That’s something new! And so cute!

Stacy and Colin join us for a drink on our balcony before we head out to Miguel’s Moonlight. We have some great guacamole and some of Miguel’s famous Pomegranate Margaritas….oh my, they are delicious and deadly!...

Even the kitties eat here!

Then it’s time for dinner….2 orders of chicken fajitas….very good $120MXP.

The drummers came by to perform…they were fun to watch…

Jean and Rich were nearby and put on a show too!....

More pomegranate margs were ordered…oh dear, they go down far too easily! Trouble is, the effect doesn’t hit you until you stand up! And although I don’t remember it, that is when I showed everyone how well I could do the ‘matrix’…the move Keanu Reeves does when he tries to avoid bullets by leaning waaaaay back. I really don’t think I did it intentionally but, luckily Colin was there to catch me so I didn’t fall over! Ok, maybe it’s time to go home! Nope! They drag me off to wander Hidalgo and around the corner by Jax and back to Hidalgo once again. By then I’m really dizzy and since it’s 12:30 it’s a perfect time to meander home to the safety of my bed! G’nite Keanu…oops, I mean Vince!

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